Sports Mouth Guard

All sports carries some degree of risk in which a contestant can get hit in the teeth in a fall, shock or contact with hard surface, but there is always a low-risk and high risk.

Sports such as football, soccer, basketball, and ice hockey are just a few where you can collide due to the high speed required by the game itself, which is why accidents become common and that is why the sports mouth guard is recommended because in a given moment of an accident the damage will be less caused by a hit.

Martial arts and boxing mouthguard is mandatory.

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Dr. Perla Acevedo

Dr. Perla Noemi Acevedo Rivera a dentist and Root Canal Specialist who graduated from the Baja California University, studied dentistry in the faculty of the Tijuana Campus. 

Receiving the award for academic merit of this degree in 1989-1993 generation. 

Her graduate specializing in endodontic also took place at the UABC Tijuana Campus.