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What is a root canal?

They mentioned endodontics and the question that assails your thought is: What is a root canal? If you are asking this question probably already told you “you need this treatment."

The word endodontics comes from the Greek term "endo" meaning within and "odontos" meaning tooth, also known as root canal therapy, therefore, is a treatment that is done inside the tooth, in the center, which is in where the pulp is contained, which once damaged, we remove, clean and shape the space occupied and finally a special filling is placed in the space formerly occupied by the dental pulp tissue, thereby avoiding that the patient extract the tooth, being able to save it.

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To better understand what a root canal is i'll explain in a simple way, how the tooth is formed:

  1. Within a tooth, below the target tissue which can be seen in mouth, the enamel, there is another layer called dentin, below both tissues in the central part a soft tissue called: Pulp. The pulp is formed by blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue these help the root growth during development.
  2. If the pulp tends to become inflamed or infected, a root canal treatment is performed, in which the diseased pulp is removed and the tooth is saved, while more inflammation or infection of the surrounding tissues is prevented.
  3. Once the tooth has completed its development, this can survive without the pulp, because it will nourish from the surrounding tissue and therefore should not worry of their elimination.
  4. If you need to go to an endodontist, you are neither the first nor the last person who needs treatment, which is most common in dentistry. There are 14 million teeth annually receiving this treatment which prevents the work piece from being extracted and can be saved.

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Dr. Perla Acevedo

Dr. Perla Noemi Acevedo Rivera a dentist and Root Canal Specialist who graduated from the Baja California University, studied dentistry in the faculty of the Tijuana Campus. 

Receiving the award for academic merit of this degree in 1989-1993 generation. 

Her graduate specializing in endodontic also took place at the UABC Tijuana Campus.

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